Designing a website takes time and patience. But most importantly it takes vision. A vision that is best known by the business owner. The business owner must then explain to a designer what they want constructed, educate the designer about how their business works and hope the designer integrates all the elements possible to make the website sucessful.

After years of taking ideas from business owners and assembling them into a working websites, we realized the process was slow and inefficient. We found ourselves charging top dollar to change a product price or post an ad for a weekend sale. The client was paying for everything and the website never really met the expectations of the business owner, usually because of the lack of desire to spend their life savings on one design.

The truth is, it does not take a $100 an hour webmaster to type in some information, update prices or make design changes. It would be like hiring a "professional floor sweeper", with a little practice, pretty much anyone can do it.

And further, if a website is sucessful, then the business owner will need to know how to access invoices, charge credit cards, manage advertising and sales and support clients via the web.

If they can do all that, they can manage their own website. If they can't, then they don't need the website at all.

That, coupled with the increase in general knowledge of computers and familiarity with the internet led us to design flexible and customer manageable websites. A system that allowed us to create extensive graphic designs while letting the customer manage all the content and maintenence and still have a profesional look.

Another reason for moving away from website design is the vast amount of misrepresentation of ability and knowledge by "Webmasters". Today, it seems anyone with an internet connection is calling themselves a webmaster and offering packages from around one hundred dollars to several thousand, 99% of them, have little to offer. Some even set up shop on free hosting systems. If a webmaster does not even have their own website, how can you belive them when they tell you that you need one.

Rather than trying to educate the general public about what they will get from one of these webmasters, we decided to under cut them so deep, there would be no reason to use them. Essentially phasing out the webmaster and moving the business owner into the driver seat.

We built thousands of designs and put them up in a system that not only offers complete graphics, but programing, hosting and support for under $20 a month.

In the past we would not even begin a design without at least a $1000.00 deposit. Now we can set up an entire website, complete with shopping cart, credit card processing and graphcs for just $20. But best of all, your website can be operational within a few hours.

You get a profesional website, built by a company that has built thousands of websites, with no hassle, no problems and for a cost of next to nothing.

We do offer custom template design for anyone wishing to spend a few extra dollars. Templates can be plugged into your website and used anytime just by clicking one button. This makes changing an entire website for a holiday or special sale, easy and affordable. Custom templates also insure that you have a unique and special design that is not in use by any other website.

The internet has changed and we do not design websites in the same manner as we did in 1997, but the concept is the same and now everyone can afford an attractive and profesional e-commerce website.