Traditionaly we have offered consulting services on an hourly basis. However with the sucess of our hosting systems we now only advise our hosting clients.

With nearly a decade of internet experience and millions of dollars earned online our knowledge and expertise is obvios. We manage hundreds of our own websites, our own network in a private data center and have worked with thousands of clients on thousands of websites.

There is not much we do not know about the internet and we are happy to share that knowledge with our hosting customers. But we do not do outside consulting.

It's true that our revenue is much lower offering free advise to clients, but having informed sucessful clients insures our long term income.

Very few clients leave our systems to host with an alternate company. Of those that have, more than 80% have returned back to us when they realize the other company "sold them a dream". Often getting in cheap, only to find out that extra fees and bandwith charges drive the cost through the roof.

Everyone wants to hear that they can open a website, pay a few bucks, put in very little effort and sit back and watch the mailbox fill up with checks. We wont tell you that, because its just not true. We wont promise you the sky and we wont sell you a bridge. But not everyone wants to hear it will take work to make money.

If you talk with us, we will give you hard facts, good advice and good direction. We often turn away clients that we do not feel are a good fit for our systems, unlike the "one size fits all" hosting systems.

The internet is a volitile and dynamic jungle. Our own company has to make sudden and frequent changes just to survive. Updating tools and programs to work with new operating systems and technology. Most people are unaware that their website could be useless in a few months if they do not keep up.

By giving free advice, we are taking smaller bites of the market, but we are able to keep those bites longer and our company grows stronger daily as our clients meet their online goals.

With 70% of our new clients coming from refferals from existing hosting clients, we are satisfied in knowing that our client base trusts and supports us because of our honesty and openess with information and advise.