Our Website Hosting Products

Basic Business Website Hosting - We offer a unique package for businesses through our pageBuzz.com brand at just $20 a month.

Reseller Program - This is a privately labeled reseller program that allows small webmasters or designers to host as few as 5 clients and their own website under their own brand. Simply paying for each website each month at a generous discount. Websites are branded under the e-commerce-inc brand while the signup process, login and sale of hosting is all done through the resellers website.

ISP Hosting Platform - Privately labeled version of pagebuzz.com. This allows anyone to offer our acclaimed website builder to their hosting clients, or the ability to build a website hosting company from scratch. This is a high end scalable system that is capable of managing millions of clients in the optimum configuration.

These solutions are created on a case by case basis configured with a base number of servers and complete graphics branding the entire management interface, help pages and support structure.

Because of the efficiency of our software and network operations we can offer complete solutions starting at just $3,000.00 per month on up to the mega size ISP packages based on hundreds or even thousands of website hosting end servers and the bandwidth being used.

Beyond Website Hosting - In the past we have participated in other unique projects and partnered with companies to develop software systems and web applications.

At this time, we are solely concentrating on our website hosting systems and our own proprietary programming.

We are always open to possible partners in other projects and will entertain any offers. But we are not offering or involved with any additional products beyond our core hosting products.