Web Based Software

All of our software is web based HTML delivery format on Unix servers. Our attention has always been focused on providing software that can be accessed by millions of users and only installed in one location.

Building web based programing for today's customer is particularly demanding because they expect the website to do everything for them. They expect the website to manage inventory, calculate shipping and notify their customer when the item is shipped. They expect the website to manage mail, allow them to build graphics and create complex pages by clicking the easy button.

The days of building a static website are long gone and the low end webmasters are closing shop.

This premiss has forced our company to develop some of the most comprehensive web based applications to date. Extending from payroll applications, credit card processing and now to website construction software.

Our most current successes include a very basic e-commerce system at bumblebeeworks.com which has become a favorite of crafters and artists looking for a cheap but effective website solution to sell their artwork online. With little effort anyone can quickly set up an online store and begin selling with no initial cost. The system was designed to allow minimum effort but achieve full potential of sales online.

With BumblebeeWorks falling short on design flexibility and features beyond e-commerce a new platform was developed. Our mega hosting system pagebuzz.com. PageBuzz uses an online WYSIWYG editor with drop and drag editing or text and pictures. Extremely dynamic wile maintaining an ease of use. The new system allows users to build menu buttons using 6000 different fonts, choose from 1000 page templates or make their own design using over 5000 backgrounds and layouts.

We have also developed some extensive classified sites in the automotive market with the headline site buzztrader.com and all tied together through automotiveadvertisers.com. A network that is capable of spanning the internet allows small sites to sell ads and transmit inventory data to the central network. Car dealers can host websites and display their vehicle inventory on their own website. Features that assist the rapid growth of The Automotive Advertisers Network.

A recent project includes the distribution of free perl scripts developed over years of programing. A new addition to the bumblebee family of sites, bumblebeeware.com offers free downloads of key programs for young developers needing a a push in the right direction.

Programs like our own image verification for form submission are shared with the programing community as open source projects to assist web developers and site owners. As a leading software development company we continue to support open source projects and young web programers.

We are always available for large scale web development projects, however we only work as partners and not as paid programers. If you are looking for the programing element for a new business, you might consider partnering with the cyber web. We are always interested in developing new web applications with new partners.