BumbleBeeAd.com was built to capitalize on the millions and millions of pages we had online. We wanted to build an ad delivery system that was simple to impliment yet powerful enough to deliver content based ads to sites with targeted traffic.

A javascript delivery system allows us to place a simple script on any page and deliver content targeted text ads in real time.

The plan was to allow anyone to buy ad impressions and create ads that would appear on millions of targeted pages. However, the time to develop the system was short and the need for advertising was pressing. We set up our own management console that allows us to create ads that are delivered to sites in the specified category.

The ads have produced very well and have continued to operate exclusively on our own websites.

The next phase will be to give our own hosting customers credits to place ads and let them test the system and give us feedback in exchange for free advertising.

The system will never rival google ad words, but could be a very effective website to manage publishers and advertisers with low cost advertising and payouts for publishers.

At the moment, the short term potential is low and taking time to develop the system is not an option. The system delivers millions of ad impressions daily on our own sites and generates a nice profit. There is great potential for much more, but with a stack of projects, this one is on hold.