BumbleBeeStores.com is build completely on the pageBuzz hosting platform. The site is a central site for our own rewards program.

The rewards program is a system for giving points to site users for placing ads, using forums and sending traffic. Although it is similar to other affiliate programs it rewards peope for using the website and not just paying them for sending traffic.

The concept is to pay the sites users the money we would be spending on advertising anyway. The site becomes stronger and stronger and the users get col stuff like IpoDs, color TV's and kitchen appliances. You migh not get a webmaster to send traffic for $20, but you can get the average person to send traffic for a new blender or toaster.

Another great feature is that the user does not have to reach a minimum to get paid. When they have enough points to buy something they can redeem that at the company store.

By building one center for redeeming points, we can group all of our advertising payoiuts into one easy to manage program.

Each site has its own signup and management area where people can view stats and see how much is in their account.

When the user buys items, the points are deducted from the account at their participating website. All thansactions and credits are real time and runs very smoothly and a very unique type of affiliate program.

The program is new and has been implimented on http://craftersbuzz.com and has been met with a warm reception. Already generating points for members and seeing our links appearing in blogs accross the country and new activity is buzzing at the website.