BumblebeeGarage.com - The next generation of smartybee.com. Using the technology we learned about search engines, this automotive only platform is the foundation for an industry specifc search that will encompass all aspects of the automotive market.

By segmenting the search to one industry we can build a database we canactually afford to run. It would be nice to be the next google but anyone that has priced storage space knows that is just not within the reach of the average home based company.

Regardless of the technology, without the money to database a full copy of the internet it would be pointless to attack a full search engine.

To get our feet wet we are building something in a much smaller scale and more manageable for a small company. something that will allow us to grow and capitalize on a large automotive market we have already tapped.

Using one of our highest traffic sites, buzztrader.com as the platform to launch the automotive seach engine we will have instant feedback and data on how the system works and will perform under heavy loads.

We have the technology, we can make it better we can make it faster, but we don't have 6 million dollars to rebuild it and put in the bionic implants. So we are making it smaller.

Like they say, it is not about how big it is, but how you use it.