ISP Website Hosting Platform

The Cyber Web has traditionally leased complete web based software systems to large clients. But our current focus has been to build a system that could be leased by the individual end user for just a few dollars. This would enable us to build a solution for large ISP's from the ground up.

In building a hosting system for end users we were able to create one of the slickest site building platforms imaginable. Since the end users were the source of information the end user has been given exactly what they needed.

A hosting system that can be used by almost any business, system that is scalable in growth and a system that is brandable it is the ultimate hosting platform.

The system is now available for lease in the following configurations.

  • Hosting Starter Package - For just $20 (the cost of your own website) you are able to start your own privately branded website hosting company. This is a reseller program of our own website hosting with a generic management console for your customers. Pay for each website as you go making this option cash flow positive at all times. No set up costs, no big fees and you have time to grow into one of the bigger solutions we offer. This is a great starting point for anyone that would like to grow into a full service hosting company. Build your customer base first before investing in servers and software. For more details contact support at website hosting.
  • Basic Home Business - This package includes a privately branded system with a dedicated server and the bandwidth equivalent of 2 T-1 lines. The system is hosted on a basic single processor quad core dedicated server and sata raid drives. Depending on hardware and software requirements the initial setup would start at about $1000.00 with $500 per month for hosting and leasing. This system should handle about 500 average accounts under standard system parameters. DNS services are provided though our network name servers. With a $20 price point the system can easily yield $10,000.00 a month. Or it can be used to implement your client sites on a privately branded site management platform. Give your clients the ability to manage their own sites that you have created for them. This is a great entry level system for anyone looking to build their own hosting company or any designer looking to offer clients web based site management. This is effectively a privately labeled version of with the same powerful tools but lacking in unlimited scalability. Add in high availability ARTB failover servers for just $100 each per month.

  • Scalable ISP - This is a scalable solution that starts with 2 primary servers, 2 name servers, 1 secure server and 1 hosting server. Hosting servers can manage several hundred  websites each and additional hosting servers can be added for $500 each (more for higher end servers) with an additional monthly fee of $50. A one time setup fee of $25,000.00 includes software configuration and hardware with a monthly fee of $5000.00 which also includes100 megs of dedicated bandwidth. The system is scalable to well over 100,000 clients. Customization of existing programing can be made at $100/hour. Normal support and maintenance is provided for the standard monthly cost.

Each system includes a minimum 1 year contract. All management is provided though web based interface. Billing is provided through your own merchant account. All billing, notifications and cancellations are fully automated. The system requires very little intervention other than supporting your hosting clients.

Admin has the ability to login and work with the clients on their websites.

Each system includes 100 predesigned templates, custom templates can be added by the system manager or designed by and purchased from The Cyber Web for $35 each.

The exact details of each system are negotiable as each is completely customized for the individual client. No system will be the same and the flexibility of the system extends fully into the administrative management interfaces.

If you are interested in offering a privately labeled version of our hosting platform contact us with your needs and concerns. We can put a quote together to meet your individual requirements or budget.